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Initially for motors, works with LEDs

Probably the simplest way to control your PicoFarmLED intensity.
Connect a 24v power supply to the "IN/Power" pins, and the LED gnd/24v to the "OUT/Motor" pins.

This will allow to not only power your LED panel, it will also allow to choose how much power you want.

  • Powers your panels with dimming control
  • Connect your 24v power supply
  • Easiest way to fully control your panels


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How to setup with motor speed controller

Welcome to PicoFarmLED!

In this little guide we will go through setting up the PicoFarmLED panel with an electric dimmer.

Initially those are used as speed controllers for eletric motors, but they'll work for us too.

This will not give a precise dimming, but will allow some range of dimming.

Got a better dimming solution, see the other guides below:

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